Clark Watts, the Host of With the Band…Karaoke, has been in lovely Los Angeles 5 years now.  He fronts a band called The Verdugos, does a comedy podcast, and is a comedy actor.  These are all incidental, however; he moved to LA for the taco trucks.




Gil Serrano was born and raised in Los Angeles and has been jamming since the age of 7.  While he’s a multi-instrumentalist and can play just about anything he touches, his ‘baby’ is the electric guitar.  Believe us, this kid can SHRED.  Whether he’s with one of his original rock bands Triple Dog Dare and Rough Rhythm, or rocking on stage alongside With the Band…Karaoke; whether he’s on the Sunset Strip or a small cafe down the street, Gil “brings  it”  to everything he does- and he brings it HARD (if ya know what we’re saying).  In his free time when he’s not playing music , he…well …  umm… he plays more music!!!



Mark Hadley is a guitarist and Berklee College of Music alum based out of Los Angeles. He performs and records frequently as a sideman, playing electric bass and mandolin in addition to all types of guitars. Mark is also a composer, writing music for film, games, and other visual media.  In addition, he looks really sexy on stage.




Allen Mehlhaff has performed Bass with keyboardist Jack Maness of Sublime and The Long Beach Dub All Stars, keyboardist and saxist Jeff Teczon of John Lee Hooker Jr. and well-known reggae artist Obeyjah.  His musical influences and styles are quite impressive ranging from Chopin to Pantera.  He currently resides in Southern California and enjoys spending time with his wife of 5 years, his American Bulldog “Dude”… and long walks on the beach…




Matt Souza has been drumming professionally for over a decade, in nearly every genre.  He’s toured regionally and nationally and currently teaches drums in Long Beach and over the internet at    He’s also in the top 10% in the nation at chess and can probably beat you in Call of Duty for Xbox.